Definition for SOL'EMN

SOL'EMN, a. [sol'em; Fr. solennel; It. solenne; Sp. solemne; L. solennis, from soleo, to be accustomed, to use, that is, to hold on or continue, as we have wont, from G. wohnen, to dwell.]

  1. Anniversary; observed once a year with religious ceremonies. The worship of this image was advanced, and a solemn supplication observed every year. – Stillingfleet. [I doubt the correctness of this definition of Johnson; or whether solemn, in our language, ever includes the sense of anniversary. In the passage cited, the sense of anniversary is expressed by every year, and if it is included in solemn also, the sentence is tautological. I should say then, that solemn in this passage of Stillingfleet, has the sense given in the second definition below.]
  2. Religiously grave; marked with pomp and sanctity; attended with religious rites. His holy rites and solemn feasts profan'd. – Milton.
  3. Religiously serious; piously grave; devout; marked by reverence to God; as, solemn prayer; the solemn duties of the sanctuary.
  4. Affecting with seriousness; impressing or adapted to impress seriousness, gravity or reverence; sober; serious. There reign'd a solemn silence over all. – Spenser. To 'swage with solemn touches troubled thoughts. – Milton.
  5. Grave; serious; or affectedly grave; as, a solemn face.
  6. Sacred; enjoined by religion; or attended with a serious appeal to God; as, a solemn oath.
  7. Marked with solemnities; as, a solemn day.

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