Definition for SPAR

SPAR, n. [D. spar, a rafter, a shingle; G. sparren, a spar, a rafter; Dan. spar, a spar, a small beam, the bar of a gate; Sw. sparre, a rafter; Fr. barre; It. sbarra, a bar; Sp. esparr, a fossil; espar, a drug. If this word is connected with spare, the primary sense is probably thin. The sense of bar and spar, is however more generally derived from thrusting, shooting in length; so spear likewise. See Bar.]

  1. A stone that breaks into a regular shape; marcasite. This name is popularly given to any crystalized mineral of a shining luster. It is the G. spath.
  2. A round piece of timber. This name is usually given the round pieces of timbers used for the yards and top-mast of ships.
  3. The bar of a gate. [Obs.] – Chaucer.

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