Definition for SPHER'IC, or SPHER-IC'AL

SPHER'IC, or SPHER-IC'AL, a. [It. sferico; Fr. spherique; L. sphæricus.]

  1. Globular; orbicular; having a surface in every part equally distant from the center; as, a spherical body. Drops of water take a spherical form.
  2. Planetary; relating to the orbs of the planets. We make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon and the stars, as if we were villains by spherical predominance. – Shak. Spherical geometry, that branch of geometry which treats of spherical magnitudes. Spherical triangle, a triangle formed by the mutual intersection of three great circles of the sphere. Spherical trigonometry, that branch of trigonometry which teaches to compute the sides and angles of spherical triangles.

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