Definition for SQUILL

SQUILL, n. [Fr. squille, L. squilla, a squill, a lobster or prawn; It. squilla, a squill, a sea-onion, a little bell; squillare, to ring; Sp. esquila, a small bell, a shrimp.]

  1. A plant of the genus Scilla.
  2. Ornithogalum Squilla or Scilla maritima, officinal squill. It has a large acrid bulbous root like an onion, which is used in medicine.
  3. A stomapodous crustaceous animal, of the genus Squilla. – Encyc.
  4. An insect, called squill insect from its resemblance to the preceding, having a long body covered with a crust, the head broad and squat. – Grew.

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