Definition for STEAD, or STED

STEAD, or STED, n.1 [Goth. stads; Sax. and Dan. sted; G. statt; D. stede. See Stay.]

  1. Place; in general. Fly this fearful stead. – Spenser. [In this sense not used.]
  2. Place or room which another had or might have, noting substitution, replacing or filling the place of another; as, David died and Solomon reigned in his stead. God hath appointed me another seed in stead of Abel, whom Cain slew. – Gen. iv.
  3. The frame on which a bed is laid. Swallow the feet, the borders and the stead. – Dryden. [But we never use this word by itself in this sense. We always use bedstead.] To stand in stead, to be of use or great advantage. The smallest act of charity shall stand us in great stead. – Atterbury.

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