Definition for STRAIN


  1. A violent effort; a stretching or exertion of the limbs or muscles, or of any thing else.
  2. An injury by excessive exertion, drawing or stretching. – Grew.
  3. Style; continued manner of speaking or writing; as, the genius and strain of the Book of Proverbs. – Tillotson. So we say, poetic strains, lofty strains.
  4. Song; note; sound; or a particular part of a tune. Their heavenly harps a lower strain began. – Dryden.
  5. Turn; tendency; inborn disposition. Because heretics have a strain of madness, he applied her with some corporal chastisements. Hayward.
  6. Manner of speech or action. Such take too high a strain at first. – Bacon.
  7. Race; generation; descent. He is of a noble strain. [Not in use.] – Shak.
  8. Hereditary disposition. Intemperance and lust breed diseases, which propagated, spoil the strain of a nation. [Not in use.] – Tillotson.
  9. Rank; character. [Not in use.] – Dryden.

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