Definition for STRIPE

STRIPE, n. [See Strip. It is probable that this word is taken from stripping.]

  1. A line or long narrow division of any thing, of a different color from the ground; as, a stripe of red on a green ground; hence, any linear variation of color. – Bacon.
  2. A strip or long narrow piece attached to something of a different color; as, a long stripe sewed upon a garment.
  3. The wale or long narrow mark discolored by a lash or rod.
  4. A stroke made with a lash, whip, rod, strap or scourge. Forty stripes may he give him, and not exceed. – Deut. xxv. [A blow with a club is not a stripe.]
  5. Affliction; punishment; sufferings. By his stripes are we healed. – Is. liii.

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