Definition for SUP-PLY'

SUP-PLY', v.t. [L. suppleo; sub and pleo, disused, to fill; Fr. suppleer; Sp. suplir; It. supplire.]

  1. To fill up, as any deficiency happens; to furnish what is wanted; to afford or furnish a sufficiency; as, to supply the poor with bread and clothing; to supply the daily wants of nature; to supply the navy with masts and spars; to supply the treasury with money. The city is well supplied with water. I wanted nothing fortune could supply. – Dryden.
  2. To serve instead of. Burning ships the banish'd sun supply. – Waller.
  3. To give; to bring or furnish. Nearer care supplies / Sighs to my breast, and sorrow to my eyes. – Prior.
  4. To fill vacant room. The sun was set, and Vesper to supply / His absent beams, had lighted up the sky. – Dryden.
  5. To fill; as, to supply a vacancy.
  6. In general, to furnish; to give or afford what is wanted. Modern infidelity supplies no such motives. – Rob. Hall.

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