Definition for UNC'TION

UNC'TION, n. [Fr. onction; L. unctio, from ungo, to anoint.]

  1. The act of anointing. Hooker.
  2. Unguent; ointment. [Unusual.] Dryden.
  3. The act of anointing medically; as, mercurial unction. Arbuthnot.
  4. Any thing softening or lenitive. Shak.
  5. That which excites piety and devotion. Johnson.
  6. Richness of gracious affections.
  7. Divine or sanctifying grace. 1 John i. Extreme unction, the rite of anointing in the last hours; or the application of sacred oil to the parts where the five senses reside. Cyc.

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