Definition for UN-DER-TAKE'

UN-DER-TAKE', v.t. [pret. undertook; pp. undertaken. under and take.]

  1. To engage in; to enter upon; to take in hand; to begin to perform. When I undertook this work, I had a very inadequate knowledge of the extent of my labors.
  2. To covenant or contract to perform or execute. A man undertakes to erect a house, or to make a mile of canal, when he enters into stipulations for that purpose.
  3. To attempt; as, when a man undertakes what he can not perform.
  4. To assume a character. [Not in use.] Shak.
  5. To engage with; to attack. Your lordship should not undertake every companion you offend. [Not in use.] Shak.
  6. To have the charge of. Who undertakes you to your end. [Not in use.] Shak.

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