Definition for UP-RIGHT

UP-RIGHT, a. [upri'te or up'rite. up and right. This word is marked in books with the accent on the first syllable. But it is frequently pronounced with the accent on the second, and the accent on the first syllable of its derivatives is inadmissible.]

  1. Erect; perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; as, an upright tree; an upright post. Among mechanics, plumb.
  2. Erected; pricked up; shooting directly from the body. All have their ears upright. Spenser. With chatt'ring teeth and bristling hair upright. Dryden.
  3. Honest; just; adhering to rectitude in all social intercourse; not deviating from correct moral principles; as, an upright man. Job i.
  4. Conformable to moral rectitude. Conscience rewards upright conduct with pleasure. J. M. Mason.

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