Definition for TAINT

TAINT, v.t. [Fr. teindre, to dye or stain; L. tingo; Gr. τεγγω, to dye, literally to dip, primarily to thrust, the sense of L. tango; and n not being radical, the real word is tego or tago, coinciding with Eng. duck; hence its sense in extinguo. See Dye, Attaint and Tinge.]

  1. To imbue or impregnate, as with some extraneous matter which alters the sensible qualities of the substance. The spaniel struck / Stiff by the tainted gale. Thomson.
  2. More generally, to impregnate with something odious, noxious or poisonous; as, putrid substances taint the air.
  3. To infect; to poison. The breath of consumptive lungs is said to taint sound lungs. Harvey.
  4. To corrupt, as by incipient putrefaction; as, tainted meat.
  5. To stain; to sully; to tarnish. We come not by the way of accusation / To taint that honor every good tongue blesses. Shak.
  6. To corrupt, as blood; to attaint. [Not in use.] [See Attaint.]

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