Definition for TALCK, or TALC

TALCK, or TALC, n. [G. talk, isinglass; talg, tallow; Sw. talk, talg, id.; Dan. tælg, talg, tallow, and talk, talgsteen, tallow-stone; D. talk, tallow; Port. and Sp. talco. This word, if written talck, would admit of a regular adjective, talcky.]

A magnesian mineral, consisting of broad, flat, smooth lamins or plates, unctuous to the touch, of a shining luster, translucent, and often transparent. By the action of fire, the lamins open a little, the fragment swells, and the extremities are with difficulty fused into a white enamel. When rubbed with resin, talck acquires positive electricity. Its prevailing colors are white, apple-green, and yellow. Cyc. Kirwan.

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