Definition for TAR-DY

TAR-DY, a. [Fr. tardif, Sp. and It. tardo, from L. tardus; from W. tariaw, to strike against, to stop, to stay, to tarry, whence target; tar, a shock; taran, that gives a shock, a clap of thunder; taranu, to thunder. We see the word is a derivative from a root signifying to strike, to clash, to dash against, hence to retard or stop.]

  1. Slow; with a slow pace or motion. And check the tardy flight of time. Sandys.
  2. Late; dilatory; not being in season. The tardy plants in our cold orchards plac'd. Waller. You may freely censure him for being tardy in his payments. Arbuthnot.
  3. Slow; implying reluctance. Tardy to vengeance, and with mercy brave. Prior.
  4. Unwary. [Not in use.] Hudibras.
  5. Criminal. [Not in use.] Collier.

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