Definition for TEST

TEST, v.t.

  1. To compare with a standard; to try; to prove the truth or genuineness of any thing by experiment or by some fixed principle or standard; as, to test the soundness of a principle; to test the validity of an argument. The true way of testing its character, is to suppose it [the system] will be persevered in. Edin. Review. Experience is the surest standard by which to test the real tendency of the existing constitution. Washington's Address. To test this position. Hamilton, Rep. In order to test the correctness of this system. Adams' Lect. This expedient has been already tested. Walsh, Rec.
  2. To attest and date; as, a writing tested on such a day.
  3. In metallurgy, to refine gold or silver by means of lead, in a test, by the destruction, vitrification or scorification of all extraneous matter.

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