Definition for TRA-DUCE

TRA-DUCE, v.t. [L. traduco; trans, over, and duco, to lead; Fr. traduire; It. tradurre.]

  1. To represent as blameable; to condemn. The best stratagem that Satan hath, is by traducing the form and manner of the devout prayers of God's church. Hooker.
  2. To calumniate; to vilify; to defame; willfully to misrepresent. As long as men are malicious and designing, they will be traducing. Gov. of the Tongue. He had the baseness to traduce me in libel. Dryden.
  3. To propagate; to continue by deriving one from another. From these only the race of perfect animals was propagated and traduced over the earth. [Not in use.] Bale.

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