Definition for M


is the thirteenth letter of the English Alphabet, and a labial articulation, formed by a compression of the lips. It is called a semi-vowel, as the articulation or compression of the lips is accompanied with a humming sound through the nose, which constitutes a difference between this letter and b. Its sound is uniform; as, in man, time, rim. M is a numeral letter, and among the ancients stood for a thousand; a use which is retained by the moderns. With a dash or stroke over it, {M with super-macron}, it stands for a thousand times a thousand, or a million. As an abbreviation, M stands for Marcus, Martius, Manlius or Mutins. A.M. or M.A. stands for artium magister, master of arts; M. D. for medicinæ doctor, doctor of medicine; A. M. for anno mundi, the year of the world; MS. for manuscript; MSS. for manuscripts. In astronomical tables, M stands for meridian, meridional, or mid-day. In medical prescriptions, M stands for maniple, or handful, or misce, mix, or mixtura, a mixture. Encyc. In the late British Pharmacopœias it signifies mensura, by measure. Parr. In law, M is a brand or stigma impressed on one convicted of manslaughter, and admitted to the benefit of clergy.

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