Definition for MAIN

MAIN, n.1

  1. Strength; force; violent effort; as in the phrase, “with might and main.” Dryden.
  2. The gross; the bulk; the greater part. The main of them may be reduced to language and an improvement in wisdom. Locke.
  3. The ocean; the great sea, as distinguished from rivers, bays, sounds and the like. He fell, and struggling in the main. Dryden.
  4. The continent, as distinguished from an isle. We arrived at Nantucket on Saturday, but did not reach the main till Monday. In this use of the word, land is omitted; main for main land.
  5. A hamper. Ainsworth.
  6. A course; a duct. Act of Parliament. For the main, in the main, for the most part; in the greatest part.

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