Definition for MAN'TLE

MAN'TLE, v.i.

  1. To expand; to spread. The swan with arched neck / Between her white wings mantling, rows / Her state with oary feet. Milton.
  2. To joy; to revel. Johnson. My frail fancy, fed with full delights, / Doth bathe in bliss, and mantleth most at ease. Spenser. [Qu. is not the sense to be covered or wrapped, to rest collected and secure?]
  3. To be expanded; to be spread or extended. He gave the mantling vine to grow / A trophy to his love. Fenton.
  4. To gather over and form a cover; to collect on the surface, as a covering. There is a sort of men, whose visages / Do cream and mantle like a standing pond. Shak. And the brain dances to the mantling bowl. Pope.
  5. To rush to the face and cover it with a crimson color. When mantling blood / Flow'd in his lovely cheeks. Smith. [Fermentation can not be deduced from mantling, otherwise than as a secondary sense.]

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