Definition for MEET

MEET, v.i.

  1. To come together or to approach near, or into company with. How pleasant it is for friends to meet on the road; still more pleasant to meet in a foreign country.
  2. To come together in hostility; to encounter. The armies met at Waterloo, and decided the fate of Buonaparte.
  3. To assemble; to congregate. The council met at 10 o'clock. The legislature will meet on the first Wednesday in the month.
  4. To come together by being extended; to come in contact; to join. Two converging lines will meet in a point. To meet with, to light on; to find; to come to; often with the sense of an unexpected event. We met with many things worthy of observation. Bacon. #2. To join; to unite in company. Falstaff at that oak shall meet with us. Shak. #3. To suffer unexpectedly; as, to meet with a fall; to meet with a loss. #4. To encounter; to engage in opposition. Royal mistress, / Prepare to meet with more than brutal fury / From the fierce prince. Rowe. #5. To obviate; a Latinism. [Not used.] Bacon. To meet half way, to approach from an equal distance and meet; metaphorically, to make mutual and equal concessions, each party renouncing some pretensions.

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