Definition for MEL'LOW

MEL'LOW, a. [Sax. melewe; G. mehl, D. Dan. meel, meal; G. mehlig, mehlicht, mellow, mealy; Dan. meelagtig, mellow; L. mollis, Fr. mol, molle, soft, Gr. μαλακος; W. mall, soft, melting, insipid, evil, and as a noun, a malady. The Welsh unites the word with L. malus. These words are evidently allied to mild and melt, and meal would seem to be connected with mill. I am not certain which is the primary word. See Class Ml, No. 2, 4, 9, 12.]

  1. Soft with ripeness; easily yielding to pressure; as, a mellow peach or apple; mellow fruit.
  2. Soft to the ear; as, a mellow sound; a mellow pipe.
  3. Soft; well pulverized; not indurated or compact; as, mellow ground or earth.
  4. Soft and smooth to the taste; as, mellow wine.
  5. Soft with liquor; intoxicated; merry. Addison.
  6. Soft or easy to the eye. The tender flush whose mellow stain imbues / Heaven with all freaks of light. Percival.

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