Definition for MELT

MELT, v.t. [Sax. meltan; Gr. μελδω; D. smelten; G. schmelzen; Sw. smälta; Dan. smelter; whence Eng. smelt, smalt. We have in these words decisive evidence that s, in smelten, &c. is a prefix. Melt, in English is regular, forming melted for its past tense and passive participle. The old participle molten, is used only as an adjective. This verb belongs to a numerous class of words in Ml, denoting soft or softness. See Class Ml, No. 10, 18, 19.]

  1. To dissolve; to make liquid; to liquefy; to reduce from a solid to a liquid or flowing state by heat; as, to melt wax, tallow or lead; to melt ice or snow.
  2. To dissolve; to reduce to first principles. Burnet
  3. To soften to love or tenderness. For pity melts the mind to love. Dryden.
  4. To waste away; to dissipate. In general riot melted down thy youth. Shak.
  5. To dishearten. Josh. xiv.

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