Definition for MEM'BER

MEM'BER, n. [Fr. membre; L. membrum.]

  1. A limb of animal bodies, as a leg, an arm, an ear, a finger, that is, a subordinate part of the main body.
  2. A part of a discourse, or of a period or sentence; a clause; a part of a verse. Harmony in poetry is produced by a proportion between the members of the same verse, or between the members of different verses.
  3. In architecture, a subordinate part of a building, as a frieze or cornice; sometimes a molding.
  4. An individual of a community or society. Every citizen is a member of the state or body politic. So the individuals of a club, a corporation or confederacy, are called its members. Students of an academy or college are its members. Professed Christians are called members of the church.
  5. The appetites and passions, considered as tempting to sin. Rom. vii. Col. iii.

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