Definition for MIS'ER-A-BLE

MIS'ER-A-BLE, a. [s as z. Fr. miserable, from L. miser, miserabilis.]

  1. Very unhappy from grief, pain, calamity, poverty, apprehension of evil or other cause. It however expresses somewhat less than wretched. What hopes delude thee, miserable man? Dryden.
  2. Very poor; worthless. Miserable comforters are ye all. Job xvi.
  3. Causing unhappiness or misery. What's more miserable than discontent? Shak.
  4. Very poor or mean; as, a miserable hut; miserable clothing.
  5. Very poor or barren; as, a miserable soil.
  6. Very low or despicable; as, a miserable person.

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