Definition for MIS-PRIS-ION

MIS-PRIS-ION, n. [misprizh'un. supra.]

  1. Neglect; contempt.
  2. In law, any high offense under the degree of capital, but nearly bordering thereon. Misprision is contained in every treason and felony. Misprisions are divided into negative and positive; negative, which consist in the concealment of something which ought to be revealed; and positive, which consist in the commission of something which ought not to be done. Misprision of treason, consists in a bare knowledge and concealment of treason, without assenting to it. Blackstone. Maladministration in offices of high public trust, is a positive misprision. Ibm.
  3. Mistake; oversight; contempt. [Not in use.] Shak.

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