Definition for MIX

MIX, v.t. [prep. and pp. mixed or mixt. Sax. miscan; G. mischen; Sp. mecer; Port. mexer, to stir, shake, mix; L. misceo, mixtum; It. mischiare; Ir. measgadh; W. mysgu. Arm. gemesga; Russ. meshayu. The Gr. μιγνυω forms μιξω. These words seems to coincide with the Heb. and Ch. מסך, and Ar. مَشَجَ mashaga, to mix. The Sanscrit misra, to mix, may be the same word. The radical sense is probably to stir, shake or agitate.]

  1. To unite or blend promiscuously two or more ingredients into a mass or compound; applied both to solids and liquids; as, to mix flour and salt; to mix wines.
  2. To join; to associate; to unite within company. Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people. Hos. vii.
  3. To join; to mingle. You mix your sadness with some fear. Shak.
  4. To unite with a crowd or multitude.

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