Definition for MOD'ER-ATE

MOD'ER-ATE, a. [L. moderatus, from moderor, to limit, from modus, a limit.]

  1. Literally, limited; restrained; hence, temperate; observing reasonable bounds in indulgence; as, moderate in eating or drinking, or in other gratifications.
  2. Limited in quantity; not excessive or expensive. He keeps a moderate table.
  3. Restrained in passion, ardor or temper; not violent; as, moderate men of both parties.
  4. Not extreme in opinion; as, a moderate Calvinist or Lutheran.
  5. Placed between extremes; holding the mean or middle place; as, reformation of a moderate kind.
  6. Temperate; not extreme, violent or rigorous; as, moderate weather; a moderate winter; moderate heat; a moderate breeze of wind.
  7. Of a middle rate; as, men of moderate abilities.
  8. Not swift; as, a moderate walk.

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