Definition for MOOSE

MOOSE, n. [moos; a native Indian name; Knisteneaux, mouswah; Algonquin, monse. Mackenzie.]

An animal of the genus Cervus, and the largest of the deer kind, growing sometimes to the highth of 17 hands, and weighing 1200 pounds. This animal has palmated horns, with a short thick neck, and an upright mane of a light brown color. The eyes are small, the ears a foot long, very broad and slouching; the upper lip is square, hangs over the lower one, and has a deep sulcus in the middle so as to appear bifid. This annual inhabits cold northern climates, being found in the American forests of Canada and New England, and in the corresponding latitudes of Europe and Asia. It is the elk of Europe. Encyc.

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