Definition for MOW

MOW, v.t.2 [pret. mowed; pp. mowed or mown; Sax. mawan; D. maaijen or maayen; Sw. meya; Dan. mejer; G. mähen. In Sp. and Port. mochar is to cut off. The L. has meto, and the Gr. αμαω, to mow or reap. The last radical letter is not ascertained.]

  1. To cut down with a sythe, as grass or other plants. We say, to mow grass.
  2. To cut the grass from; as, to mow a meadow.
  3. To cut down with speed; to cut down indiscriminately, or in great numbers or quantity. We say, a discharge of grape shot mows down whole ranks of men. Hence Saturn or Time is represented with a sythe, an emblem of the general and indiscriminate destruction of the human race by death.

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