Definition for MUR'MUR

MUR'MUR, v.i. [L. murmuro; Gr. μορμυρω; Fr. murmurer; Arm. murmuli; Sp. and Port. murmurar; It. mormorare. This seems to be a duplication of the root, which is retained in the D. morren, G. murren, Sw. murra, Dan. murrer, to mutter, growl or murmur; Sp. morro, purring, as a cat; Sw. morr, a grumbling; Ar. مَرْمَرَ marmara. Class Mr, No. 7. It seems also to be connected with mourn, Sax. murnan, murcnian, to murmur.]

  1. To make a low continued noise, like the hum of bees, a stream of water, rolling waves, or like the wind in a forest; as, the murmuring surge. Shak. The forests murmur, and the surges roar. Pope.
  2. To grumble; to complain; to utter complaints in a low, half articulated voice; to utter sullen discontent; with at before the thing which is the cause of discontent; as, murmur not at sickness; or with at or against, before the active agent which produces the evil. The Jews murmured at him. John vi. The people murmured against Moses. Exod. xiii.

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