Definition for RAF'FLE

RAF'FLE, v.i. [Fr. rafler, to sweep away, to sweep stakes; D. ryffelen; Sp. rifar, to raffle, and to strive, to quarrel, to dispute, and to rive, to split a sail; Port. rifa, a set of cards of the same color, and a raffle or raffling, also a craggy or steep place; rifar, to neigh, as a mettlesome horse; probably from riving, opening with a burst of sound, or as we say, to rip out (an oath.) The Sp. rifar, to strive, is precisely the Heb. רוב, to strive; Syr. to make a tumult or clamor; all from driving or violence. See Class Rb, No. 4, 12, 19, Pers. رُفْتَنْ roftan, to sweep, to clean the teeth. See Raff.]

To cast dice for a prize, for which each person concerned in the game lays down a stake, or hazards a part of the value as, to raffle for a watch.

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