Definition for RAIS-IN

RAIS-IN, n. [rāzn; Fr. and Ir. id.; Arm. ræsin, resin; D. rozyn; G. rosine, a raisin, and rosinfarbe, crimson, (raisin-color;) Dan. rosin. In Dan. and Sw. rosen signifies the erysipelas. It is evident that the word is from the same root as red and rose, being named from the color. See Red and Rose. This word is in some places pronounced corruptly reezn. The pronunciation of Sheridan, Perry and Jameson accords with that which prevails in the eastern states, which is regular, and which I have followed.]

A dried grape. Grapes are suffered to remain on the vines till they are perfectly ripe, and then dried in an oven, or by exposure to the heat of the sun. Those dried in the sun are the sweetest. – Hill.

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