Definition for RAT'TLE

RAT'TLE, v.i. [D. ratelen, reutelen; G. rasseln; Dan. rasler; Sw. rassla; Gr. κροτεω, κροταλον, with a prefix. Qu. rate.]

  1. To make a quick sharp noise rapidly repeated, by the collision of bodies not very sonorous. When bodies are sonorous, it is called jingling. We say, the wheels rattle over the pavement. And the rude hail in rattling tempest forms. – Addison. He fagoted his notions as they fell, / And if they rhym'd and rattl'd, all was well. – Dryden.
  2. To speak eagerly and noisily; to utter words in a clattering manner. Thus turbulent in rattling tone she spoke. – Dryden. He rattles it out against popery. – Swift.

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