Definition for RE'BUS

RE'BUS, n. [L. from res, which is of the class Rd, Rs, and of the same family as riddle. See Riddle, Read and Real.]

  1. An enigmatical representation of some name, &c. by using figures or pictures instead of words. A gallant in love with a woman named Rose Hill, painted on the border of his gown, a rose, a hill, an eye, a loaf and a well, which reads, Rose Hill I love well. – Encyc.
  2. A sort of riddle.
  3. In some chimical writers, sour milk; sometimes, the ultimate matter of which all bodies are composed. – Encyc.
  4. In heraldry, a coat of arms which bears an allusion to the name of the person; as three cups, for Butler. – Encyc.

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