Definition for RE-CESS'

RE-CESS', n. [L. recessus, from recedo. See Recede.]

  1. A withdrawing or retiring; a moving back; as, the recess of the tides.
  2. A withdrawing from public business or notice; retreat; retirement. My recess hath given them confidence that I may be conquered. – K. Charles. And every neighboring grove / Sacred to soft recess and gentle love. – Prior.
  3. Departure. – Glanville.
  4. Place of retirement or secrecy; private abode. This happy place, our sweet / Recess. – Milton.
  5. State of retirement; as, lords in close recess. – Milton. In the recess of the jury, they are to consider their evidence. – Hale.
  6. Remission or suspension of business or procedure; as, the house of representatives had a recess of half an hour.
  7. Privacy; seclusion from the world or from company. Good verse recess and solitude require. – Dryden.
  8. Secret or abstruse part; as, the difficulties and recesses of science.
  9. A withdrawing from any point; removal to a distance. – Brown.
  10. [Fr. recez.] An abstract or registry of the resolutions of the imperial diet. [Not in use.] – Ayliffe.
  11. The retiring of the shore of the sea or of a lake from the general line of the shore, forming a bay.

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