Definition for RECK'ON-ING


  1. The act of counting or computing; calculation.
  2. An account of time. – Sandy.
  3. A statement of accounts with another; a statement of comparison of accounts mutually for adjustment; as in the proverb, “short reckonings make long friends.” The way to make reckonings even, is to make them often. – South.
  4. The charges or account made by a host. A coin would have a nobler use than to pay a reckoning. – Addison.
  5. Account taken. – 2 Kings xxii.
  6. Esteem; account; estimation. You make no further reckoning of beauty, than of an outward fading benefit nature bestowed. – Sidney.
  7. In navigation, an account of the ship's course and distance calculated from the log-board without the aid of celestial observation. This account from the log-board, is called dead reckoning. – Mar. Dict.

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