Definition for REC-OG-NIZE

REC-OG-NIZE, v.t. [rec'onize; It. riconoscere; Sp. reconocer; Fr. reconnoitre; L. recognosco; re and cognosco, to know. The g in these words has properly no sound in English. It is not a part of the root of the word, being written merely to give to con the French sound of gn, or that of the Spanish ñ, and this sound does not properly belong to our language.]

  1. To recollect or recover the knowledge of, either with an avowal of that knowledge or not. We recognize a person at a distance, when we recollect that we have seen him before, or that we have formerly known him. We recognize his features or his voice. Speak, vassal; recognize thy sovereign queen. – Harte.
  2. To review; to re-examine. – South.

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