Definition for RE-COIL'

RE-COIL', v.i. [Fr. reculer, to draw back; recul, a recoil; Arm. arguila; Fr. cul, Sp. culo, Arm. gil, guil, the back part; W. ciliaw, to recede; It. rinculare; Sp. recular.]

  1. To move or start back; to roll back; as, a cannon recoils when fired; waves recoil from the shore.
  2. To fall back; to retire. – Milton.
  3. To rebound; as, the blow recoils. – Dryden.
  4. To retire; to flow back; as, the blood recoils with horror at the sight.
  5. To start back; to shrink. Nature recoils at the bloody deed.
  6. To return. The evil will recoil upon his own head.

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