Definition for RE-COV-ER-Y


  1. The act of regaining, retaking or obtaining possession of any thing lost. The crusades were intended for the recovery of the holy land from the Saracens. We offer a reward for the recovery of stolen goods.
  2. Restoration from sickness or apparent death. The patient has a slow recovery from a fever. Recovery from a pulmonary affection is seldom to be expected. Directions are given for the recovery of drowned persons.
  3. The capacity of being restored to health. The patient is past recovery.
  4. The obtaining of right to something by a verdict and judgment of court from an opposing party in a suit; as, the recovery of debt, damages and costs by a plaintif, the recovery of cost by a defendant; the recovery of land in ejectment. Common recovery, in law, is a species of assurance by matter of record, or a suit or action, actual or fictitious, by which lands are recovered against the tenant of the freehold; which recovery binds all persons, and vests an absolute fee-simple in the recoverer. – Blackstone.

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