Definition for REC'RE-ATE

REC'RE-ATE, v.t. [L. recreo; re and creo, to create; Fr. recreer; It. ricreare; Sp. recrear.]

  1. To refresh after toil; to reanimate, as languid spirits or exhausted strength; to amuse or divert in weariness. Painters when they work on white grounds, place before them colors mixed with blue and green to recreate their eyes. – Dryden. St. John is said to have recreated himself with sporting with a tame partridge. – Taylor.
  2. To gratify; to delight. These ripe fruits recreate the nostrils with their aromatic scent. – More.
  3. To relieve; to revive; as, to recreate the lungs with fresh air. – Harvey.

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