Definition for RE-FUSE

RE-FUSE, v.t. [s as z. Fr. refuse; Arm. reusi, reusein; It. rifiutare, rifusare; Sp. rehusar; Port. refusar; L. recuso; re and the root of causor, to accuse; causa, cause. The primary sense of causor is to drive, to throw or thrust at, and recuso is to drive back, to repel or repulse, the sense of refuse.]

  1. To deny a request, demand, invitation or command; to decline to do or grant what is solicited, claimed or commanded. Thus Edom refused to give Israel passage through his border. – Num. xx.
  2. To decline to accept what is offered; as, to refuse an office; to refuse an offer. If they refuse to take the cup at thy band. – Jer. xxv.
  3. To reject; as, to refuse instruction or reproof. – Prov. x. The stone which the builders refused is become the head of the corner. – Ps. cxviii. Note. Refuse expresses rejection more strongly than decline.

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