Definition for RE-GALE

RE-GALE, v.t.1 [Fr. regaler; Sp. regalar, to regale, to refresh, entertain, caress, cajole, delight, cherish; regalarse, to entertain one's self, to take pleasure, also to melt, to be dissolved; Port. regalar, to regale, to treat daintily, to delight; It. regalare, to present with gifts, to regale, to season. This word is probably a compound of re and the root It. galloria, a transport of joy, gallare, to exult, gala, ornament, Port. galhofa, mirth, good cheer, Sp. gallardo, gay, Fr. gaillard, &c. In Russ. jaluyu signifies to regale, to gratify with presents, to visit, &c. The primary sense is to excite, to rouse and be brisk, or to shoot, leap, dart or rush. We probably see the same root in the Eng. gale, gallant, Gr. αγαλλιαω, Fr. joli, Eng. jolly, and in many other words.]

To refresh; to entertain with something that delights; to gratify, as the senses; as, to regale the taste, the eye or the ear. The birds of the forest regale us with their songs.

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