Definition for RE-GARD'

RE-GARD', v.t. [Fr. regarder; It. riguardare; from Fr. garder, to guard, keep, defend; It. guardare, to guard, to look, view, behold, to beware, to take heed, to discern. The primary sense of guard is to drive off or repel, and thus to protect, or to hold, keep, retain, probably the former. To regard is to extend or direct the eye to an object, or to hold it in view. We observe a somewhat similar process of deriving the sense of looking, in the It. scorto, seen, perceived, prudent, guided, convoyed, wary, crafty, discerning, and as a noun, an abridgment; scorta, a guide, an escort, a guard.]

  1. To look toward; to point or be directed. It is a peninsula which regardeth the main land. – Sandys.
  2. To observe; to notice with some particularity. If much you note him, / You offend him; feed and regard him not. – Shak.
  3. To attend to with respect and estimation; to value. This aspect of mine, / The best regarded virgins of your clime / Have lov'd. – Shak.
  4. To attend to as a thing that affects our interest or happiness; to fix the mind on as a matter of importance. He does not regard the pain he feels. He does not regard the loss he has suffered. He regards only the interest of the community.
  5. To esteem; to hold in respect and affection. The people regard their pastor, and treat him with great kindness. – 2 Kings iii.
  6. To keep; to observe with religious or solemn attention. He that regardeth the day, regardeth it to the Lord. – Rom. xiv.
  7. To attend to as something to influence our conduct. He that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. – Eccles. xi.
  8. To consider seriously; to lay to heart. They regard not the work of the Lord. – Isa. v.
  9. To notice with pity or concern. – Deut. xxviii.
  10. To notice favorably or with acceptance; to hear and answer. He will regard the prayer of the destitute. Ps. cii.
  11. To love and esteem; to practice; as, to regard iniquity in the heart. – Ps. lxvi.
  12. To respect; to have relation to. The argument does not regard the question. To regard the person, to value for outward honor, wealth or power. – Matth. xxii.

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