Definition for RE-MEM'BER

RE-MEM'BER, v.t. [Norm. remembre; Low L. rememoror; re and memoror. See Memory.]

  1. To have in the mind an idea which had been in the mind before, and which recurs to the mind without effort. We are said to remember any thing, when the idea of it arises in the mind with the consciousness that we have had this idea before. – Watts.
  2. When we use effort to recall an idea, we are said to recollect it. This distinction is not always observed. Hence, remember is often used as synonymous with recollect, that is, to call to mind. We say, we can not remember a fact, when we mean, we can not recollect it. Remember the days of old. – Deut. xxxii.
  3. To bear or keep in mind; to attend to. Remember what I warn thee; shun to taste. – Milton.
  4. To preserve the memory of; to preserve from being forgotten. Let them have their wages duly paid, / And something over to remember me. – Shak.
  5. To mention. [Not in use.] – Ayliffe.
  6. To put in mind; to remind; as, to remember one of his duty. [Not in use.] Clarendon.
  7. To think of and consider; to meditate. – Ps. lxiii.
  8. To bear in mind with esteem; or to reward. – Eccles. ix.
  9. To bear in mind with praise or admiration; to celebrate. – 1 Chron. xvi.
  10. To bear in mind with favor, care, and regard for the safety or deliverance of any one. – Ps. lxxiv. Gen. viii. Gen. xix.
  11. To bear in mind with intent to reward or punish. – 3 John. 10. Jer. xxxi.
  12. To bear in mind with confidence; to trust in. – Ps. xx.
  13. To bear in mind with the purpose of assisting or relieving. – Gal. ii.
  14. To bear in mind with reverence; to obey. Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth. – Eccles. xii.
  15. To bear in mind with regard; to keep as sacred; to observe. Remember the sabbath-day, to keep it holy. – Exod. xx. To remember mercy, is to exercise it. – Hab. iii.

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