Definition for RE-PEAT

RE-PEAT, v.t. [Fr. repeter; It. ripetere; Sp. repetir; L. repeto; re and peto, to make at or drive toward. This verb ought to be written Repete, in analogy with compete, and with repetition.]

  1. To do, make, attempt or utter again; to iterate; as, to repeat an action; to repeat an attempt or exertion; to repeat a word or discourse; to repeat a song; to repeat an argument.
  2. To try again. I the danger will repeat. – Dryden.
  3. To recite; to rehearse. He repeated some lines of Virgil. – Waller.
  4. To seek redress. – J. Taylor.
  5. To seek again. [Obs.] To repeat signals, in the navy, is to make the same signal which the admiral or commander has made, or to make a signal again. – Mar. Dict.

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