Definition for RE-SIGN'

RE-SIGN', v.t. [rezi'ne; Fr. resigner; L. resigno; re and signo, to sign. The radical sense of sign is to send, drive, hence to set. To resign is to send back or send away.]

  1. To give up; to give back, as an office or commission, to the person or authority that conferred it; hence, to surrender an office or charge in a formal manner; as, a military officer resigns his commission; a prince resigns his crown. Phœbus resigns his darts, and Jove / His thunder, to the god of love. – Denham.
  2. To withdraw, as a claim. He resigns all pretensions to skill.
  3. To yield; as, to resign the judgment to the direction of others. – Locke.
  4. To yield or give up in confidence. What more reasonable, than that we should in all things resign ourselves to the will of God. – Tillotson.
  5. To submit, particularly to Providence. A firm, yet cautious mind; / Sincere, though prudent; constant, yet resign'd. – Pope.
  6. To submit without resistance or murmur. – Shak.

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