Definition for RHI-NOC'E-ROS

RHI-NOC'E-ROS, n. [Fr. rhinoceros or rhinocerot; It. and Sp. rinoceronte; L. rhinoceros; Gr. ῥινοκερως, nose-horn; ῥιν, the nose, W. rhyn, a point, and κερας, a horn.]

A large pachydermatous mammal, nearly allied to the elephant, the hippopotamus, the tapir, &c. Five species are described by naturalists. Two of these have a single horn on the nose, and three of them have two horns. Rhinoceros Indicus inhabits India, especially the banks of the Ganges; R. Africanus and R. Simus inhabit southern Africa; and R. Sumatrensis and R. Sondaicus inhabit Sumatra.

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