Definition for RIPE

RIPE, a. [Sax. ripe, gerip; D. ryp; G. reif. The Saxon word signifies harvest, a reap or reaping; ripa, a handful of corn; ripan, to reap; ripian, to ripen.]

  1. Brought to perfection in growth or to the best state; mature; fit for use; as, ripe fruit; ripe corn.
  2. Advanced to perfection; matured; as, ripe judgment, or ripe in judgment.
  3. Finished; consummate; as, a ripe scholar.
  4. Brought to the point of taking effect; matured; ready; prepared; as, things just ripe for war. Addison.
  5. Fully qualified by improvement; prepared; as, a student ripe for the university; a saint ripe for heaven. Fell. Dryden.
  6. Resembling the ripeness of fruit; as, a ripe lip. – Shak.
  7. Complete; proper for use. When time is ripe. – Shak.
  8. Maturated; suppurated; as an abscess or tumor.

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