Definition for RI'VAL

RI'VAL, n. [L. rivalis; Fr. and Sp. rival; It. rivale; Ir. rioblach; Heb. רוב, to contend, to strive; Dan. rives, to strive; Sp. rifa, strife, raffle; rifar, to dispute, quarrel or raffle, and to split a sail. Qu. to rive or rip. See Raffle.]

  1. One who is in pursuit of the same object as another; one striving to reach or obtain something which another is attempting to obtain, and which one only can possess; a competitor; as, rivals in love; rivals for a crown. Love will not patiently bear a rival.
  2. One striving to equal or exceed another in excellence; as, two rivals in eloquence.
  3. An antagonist; a competitor in any pursuit or strife.

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