Definition for ROD

ROD, n. [Sax. rod; Dan. rode; D. roede, roe; G. ruthe and reis. In Danish, rod is a root; and I suppose rod, root, L. radius, ray, radix, root, and Dan. and Sw. rad, to be of one family. The sense is a shoot, from extending. The Russ. prut, a rod, is probably the same word with a prefix.]

  1. The shoot or long twig of any woody plant; a branch, or the stem of a shrub; as, a rod of hazel, of birch, of oak or hickory. Hence,
  2. An instrument of punishment or correction; chastisement. I will chasten him with the rod of men. – 2 Sam. vii. Prov. x.
  3. Discipline; ecclesiastical censures. – 1 Cor. iv.
  4. A kind of scepter. The rod and bird of peace. – Shak.
  5. A pole for angling; something long and slender. – Gay.
  6. An instrument for measuring; but more generally, a measure of length containing five yards, or sixteen feet and a half; a pole; a perch. In many parts of the United States, rod is universally used for pole or perch.
  7. In Scripture, a staff or wand. – 1 Sam. xiv.
  8. Support. Thy rod and thy staff; they comfort me. – Ps. xxiii.
  9. A shepherd's crook. – Lev. xxvii.
  10. An instrument for threshing. – Is. xxviii.
  11. Power; authority. – Ps. cxxv.
  12. A tribe or race. – Ps. lxxiv. Rod of iron, the mighty power of Christ. – Rev. xix. Ps. ii.

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